*Softest* Turkish Bath Hammam Peshtemal (Fouta) Bamboo Towel | Buldan Denizli Pestemal

This is our softest Peshtamal Turkish Bath towel we have in our stocks!  It is imported from Buldan Denizli which is world famous for its best quality and stylish textile products.

What is Peshtemal?

Pestemal (pesh-te-mahl) n. The traditional flat-woven towel used in the legendary luxury Turkish bath. Famous for its absorbency and softness, it is perfectly suited for everyday use. They are lightweight, super absorbent and dry very quickly, making them a practical and stylish alternative to traditional terry cloth towels. They are the perfect summer staple – easy to roll up for an on-the-go beach blanket or towel, and to use at home as a light summer throw. Also it can be used for bath, spa, pool, gym, fitness, yacht, or as a yoga towel.

The features of these luxury Turkish Bath  Towels include:

  • MATERIAL : High Quality 100% Authentic Turkish Bamboo
  • DIMENSION : Each Peshtemal bath towel is 67” W x 39” L  (160cm x100cm)
  • WEIGHT:300 grams
  • FEATURE: Beautiful hand-knotted fringe
  • ORIGIN: Made in Turkey

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.