Large Traditional Turkish Coffee Copper Pot | Bakir Kahve Cezvesi


  • Product Details:
    • Traditional Design: Each unique copper piece is hand hammered into a shape by experienced artisans in Anatolia
    • Durable: Made of copper, this pot is tin lined inside for durability and easy clean-up
    • Size: 4 cups (depending demitasse cups)
    • Base size: 9cm x 9cm
    • Product Origin: Imported from Turkey

Please also note that copper pots are normally lined with tin. This helps to make the coffee pot extra durable. While the copper material is definitely a plus, the tin lining helps to add extra durability. The cezve is heated and expertly lined with a thin, heated layer of tin, then cooled so the tin sticks therefore for handmade coffee pots lined with tin, and handmade coffee pots can never have a perfect inner layer. You may see some dark spots inside the port and it is normal.

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