Mediterranean d’Olive Hamam (Turkish Bath) Olive Oil Gift Set | Dalan d’Olive Hamam Hediye Seti


Send a perfect gift to the loved ones that are filled with special collections of d’Olive natural products!

Olive Oil Shampoo, Conditioner, 100% Olive Oil Soap and Silk scrub ( kese)  traditionally used in Turkish baths (hamam) are presented as a gift set in a elegant box to provide the ultimate hair care with the nourishing properties of Olive Oil.

Dalan d’Olive Hamam Turkish Bath Olive Oil Gift Set includes:

  • Dalan d’Olive Olive Oil Shampoo 400ml/ Dalan Zeytinyağlı Sampuan 400ml
  • Dalan d’Olive Olive Oil Conditioner 200ml/ Dalan Zeytinyağlı Sac Kremi 200ml
  • Dalan Antique Olive Oil Bar Soap 150gr/ Dalan Zeytinyağlı Sabun
  • Silk Body Scrub/ Ipek Kese
  • Tested, Certified & Approved by GmBh, Germany
  • Paraben free
  • Imported from Turkey

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