Turkish Cologne History

Kolonya comes from the world cologne to mean fresh scented water. Usually it is scented with rosewater giving it a very sweet flowery smell that fills the whole room.The Turkish use this water in the same way as cologne was traditionally made to be used, until it was later developed into something used merely for cosmetic reasons.

It was originally used for medicinal purposes, and is still used for this in Turkey today. Drops of cologne are used for its antiseptic properties, and for massage as relief for muscle and joint pains.Due to its refreshing property, caused by its alcohol content, kolonya is offered to guests and used as a fragrance. However, the mixture is also used to treat dizziness, fainting, and headaches, as well as to clean or disinfect due to its 80% alcoholKolonya comes in many different fragrances, including lime, lemon, orange, lilac, lily, lavender, mandarin, and even hazelnut

You are likely to be offered cologne not only in homes, but on buses, whose passengers are looked upon as guests. When visiting someone who is ill or buying souvenirs for friends during a visit to another part of the country, a bottle of cologne is one of the most acceptable gifts. Cologne is probably produced in more variety in Turkey than in its homeland.

Whether the common lemon and rose cologne or these more exotically scented varieties, cologne has played a part in the polite formalities of Turkish social life, refreshing guests, travelers and the sick, for more than a century.

REBUL Scents:

    • Lavanda: Lavender flower picked from the southern region of France(Grasses) with all its glorious smell and unique quality
    • Jasmine: Breeze from the shores of Southern Italy, the realm of the most beautiful jasmines, the cocktail of red apple, juicy pear, sweet peach, and exotic lychee
    • Lime: Sicilian lemon extract, aromatic bergamot, energetic citrus fruits and the muguet flower with its fresh spring aroma
    • Green Tea: Green Tea containing various essential nutrients helps rejuvenate the skin equals it healthier and radiant.
    • Mandarin: Bodrum Clementine extract, fresh lime, body pampering white peach, mysterious purple African violet, romantic peony, and delicate muguet flower
    • Nature: Energetic mixture of nature flower
    • Ice: Juicy citrus fruits and aquatic notes on your skin
    • Dark Spice: Freshness of lemon, strong spiciness of black pepper, and star anise
    • Aqua: Wood fragrance, faceted with a pulsating cooling accord
    • Fig: Joyous and vivacious citrus and bergamot

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80% Alcohol
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Rebul Turkish Cologne (Kolonya)

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