Luxury Ottoman Design Antique Style Brass Turkish Coffee Set | Osmanli Antik Dokum Turk Kahve Seti


100% Handmade in Turkey. Work of Art. Outstanding Craftsmanship.

Drink your coffee with style! This handcrafted coffee cups are decorated with authentic Turkish floral patterns. It is ideal especially for Turkish coffee. The size of the cup is “Demitasse”, which is also suitable for espresso. Cups are removable from the holders and machine-washable.

Makes a great gift for espresso,Turkish-Greek-Arabic-Lebanese Coffee lovers!

Product Info:

  • 2 porcelain cups
  • 2 cup holders with 2 lids
  • 1 Turkish delight circle shape serving dish lid
  • 1 Tray (26 cm in length with handles &  13 cm wide)
  • Total 8 pieces
  • Color: Silver
  • Product Origin: Turkey


Washing instructions:

* Metal parts should not be washed in your dishwasher.

* After the dust and dirt with a damp soft cloth, end your cleaning process with a soft, dry cloth.

* Zain holders (metal), porcelain cups can wash the dishes in the machine.

* Please ensure not to leave metal parts wet.

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