Please click HERE to download our Wholesale Catalogue. Our Wholesale email is Tel 416 259 3737, we import from Italy and Turkey for the last 50 years, the essential brands of our Wholesale operation are Reis, Dalan, Campagna, Hacizade, Marmarabirlik, Basak, Orsini, Tat, Uludag, Sener, Dorato, Kent, Dogadan, Caykur, Monticelli, Mehmet Efendi, Doganay, Ulker

Kolonya – Rebul Turkish Colognes

What is Kolonya?

Kolonya is a Turkish word for Turkish colognes. It used in Turkey for several generations for personal hygiene and as a refresher.

What is special about Rebul Turkish Colognes?

REBUL is one of the most famous Turkish colognes in Turkey with its finest quality colognes and high content alcohol.  They produce  colognes with 80% alcohol content. 

What are available scents?

We have Jasmine, Lavanda (Lavender), Ice, Green Tea, Lime, Mandarin, Ice, Aqua, Dark Spice Nature in stocks. Bouquet is our new product and will be available in our website soon. 

Large Bottles

Medium Spray and Mini Bottles

Shower Gels

Rebul Gift Packages

Freshener Towels

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