Mediterranean Dalan d’Olive Olive Oil Gift Set with Evil Eye Bracelet / Dalan d’Olive Zeytin Agaci Nazar Boncugu Hediye Seti


Wondering how to get a great gift for the loved ones…Nothing beats the Dalan d’Olive gift sets with an additional Evil Eye Bracelet. Dalan d’Olive Olive Tree Evil Eye Gift Set is an elegant gift set for the loved ones.  You will notice the fresh scent of Olive Oil right away when you open the box.

This deluxe box includes:

  • Evil Eye Bracelet / Nazar Boncuklu Blezik (different for each package)
  • Dalan d’Olive Olive Oil Cream 75ml/ Dalan Zeytinyağlı 75ml Krem
  • Dalan Olive Oil Bar Soap 150gr/ Dalan Zeytinyağlı Sabun
  • Dalan Antique Olive Oil Bar Soap 150gr/ Dalan Antik Zeytinyağlı Sabun
  • Tested, Certified & Approved by GmBh, Germany
  • Paraben free
  • Imported from Turkey

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