Gift: Turkish Tea Survival Kit


Turkish Tea Survival Kit consists of the highest quality products from Turkey to brew a real Turkish Black & Herbal Tea for you, your friends, family, or anybody you wish to make happy with a unique taste of Turkish Black & Herbal Tea.

Turkish Tea Survival Kit includes Turkish Rize Loose Tea, Caykur Early Grey Loose Tea (bergamot flavor), and Dogadan Apple Tea.
The rest is up to you! Pick your favorite Elegant Lav Turkish glasses and one more Dogadan herbal tea and your gift package is ready to go!  

Afiyet Olsun (Bon Appétit) 🙂

This gift set includes:

  • 1 Çaykur Rize Turkish Loose Black Tea 500 g
  • 1 Çaykur Earl Grey Loose Tea (bergamot flavor) 125 g
  • 1 Dogadan Apple Tea
  • Choice of Your 2 Tea Glasses
    • Vav (Blue Evil Eye)
    • Lalehan
    • Butterfly Style Elegant  
  • Choice of Your 1 Dogadan Herbal Tea:
    • Chamomile
    • Linden & Mint
    • Linden (only)
    • Form
    • Apple
    • Rosehip 
  • Premium red gift ribbon & white gift box
Turkish Teal Survival Kit
Gift: Turkish Tea Survival Kit