Turkish Traditional Herbal Tea Gift Basket | Geleneksel Bitkisel Turk Çay Sepeti |Toronto | Canada | United States


This is a unique herbal tea basket brings you the best of Dogadan herbal teas… This package contains the mixture of following delicious traditional herbal teas including:

  • Doğadan Sage Tea (10 Tea Bags)/ Doğadan Adaçayı
  • Doğadan Linden-Mint Tea (10 Tea Bags)/ Doğadan Ihlamur-Nane Cayi
  • Doğadan Chamomile Tea (10 Tea Bags)/ Doğadan Papatya Çayı
  • Doğadan Apple Tea (10 Tea Bags)/ Doğadan Elma Cayi
  • Doğadan Mint Tea (10 Tea Bags)/ Doğadan Nane Çayi


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