Turkish Silverina Handmade Glass Decorated Bowl with 99% Pure Silver Coating | Turk Dantel Desenli 99% Gumus Islemeli Kase



Turkish Silverina Handmade Glass Decorated Bowl with 99% Pure Silver Coating/ Turk Dantel Deseni 99% Gumus Islemeli Kase

Silverina Istanbul, In a world intensively directed to mass production; ” handmade ” process is the real luxury..

Two different noble materials, ” Glass and Silver ” have been combined with traditional and modern techniques, so that each product is unique and has the silver coating in purity of about 99%.

These bowls are 100% handmade and hand painted so may be ‘imperfections’ that attest to this nature.Its design features colourful lace figure on colourful backgrounds.The painting is textured and raises from the background.

This gorgeous gift package includes 1 large glass bowl…

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Bowl Size Diameter: 30cm X 30cm X 6 cm
Bowl Weight: 805 g
Material: Glass
Production Method: Handmade painted
Colour : Orange
No Washing Machine
Only Decoration
Origin: Turkey

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