Stylish Hand-carved Large Turkish Coffee Copper Pot | El Islemeli | Bakir Kahve Cezvesi | Ibrik | Briki | Jazva | Dzezva | Rakwa | Zezwa | Turka | Ghallāye



  • Traditional design:  hand-carved and hammered into a shape by experienced artisans in Anatolia
  • Handle: Wood handle decorated with Mother of Pearl pieces
  • Uniquely designed brim section which makes the pouring of coffee in a Turkish Coffee Pot easy without spilling
  • Color: Rose
  • Durable: Made of copper, this pot is tin lined inside for durability and easy clean-up
  • Size: Large. up t0 4 cups (depending demitasse cups)
  • Base length: 9cm
  • Origin: Imported from Turkey
  • Details: Tin used for the inner layer does NOT contain any LeadPlease also note that copper pots are normally lined with tin. While the copper material is definitely a plus to distribute the heat faster, the tin lining helps to add extra durability and needed to avoid any health risks.The traditional copper pot is heated and expertly lined tin.  Once it is lined, heated layer of tin is cooled and sticks to the copper. Therefore you may see some dark spots inside the pot and it is normal.  Depending on your usage, tin layer may eventually disappear and you may start to see the copper layer when you look inside the coffee pot and that means, your coffee pot needs new tin lining to avoid any health risk.

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