Akita %100 Natural Rose – Hand Cream | Akita Dogal Gullu El Kremi


Through the specifications, that 100% natural oils and all the natural raw materials add, it ideal for the natural care of the hands.
It is absorbed well without giving uncomfortable fatness sense, leaves a silky sense, and softens the skin while protecting the natural moisture balance of the skin.
While the special formulation containing rose oil, lavender oil, rose water, and lavender water, provides extra moisturizing and care, it accelerates the regeneration and healing of the skin with the aromatherapy effect and vitamin E support, shows a relaxing and smoothing effect.
Its pleasant odour carries the natural beauty of the rose to your skin.\While the lavender odour shows its relaxing effect, its odorless option provides relaxation to those who have a skin allergy.
There is no chemical substance in its content.

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