Turkey: Home of Turkish Delight since the 15th Century

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What is Turkish Delight? 

“Lokum literally means “the soother of the throat” in old Turkish. Invented during the 17th Century in Istanbul, Rose, mint, fig, or mastic… What’s your favorite? “

It is a unique taste whose fame has spread around the world and is among the world’s taste. Lokum has been known in Anatolia since about the 15th century but became widespread in the Ottoman Empire in the 17th century. It did not take long for this sweet creation to become the darling of the Ottomans as well as Europeans. In Europe, it started to be known as “Turkish Delight” in the 18th century through an English traveler.

Source of Energy

Delight is a complete energy store with the starch and sugar it contains. In this state, lokum is in the group of carbohydrates, one of the building blocks of the body. Turkish delight is burned in a short time after consumption, just like all foods that are carbohydrates.

Turkish delight, prepared with water, sugar, starch, and citric acid is a traditional Turkish dessert prepared in accordance with its technique by adding seasonings, dried or dried fruits, and similar substances depending on its variety.
The famous painter Pablo Picasso’s saying that he concentrates better when he eats lokum before he started painting is a recorded fact about lokum.
A great video by Turkey Home about Lokum is added below. Enjoy the video!
You can also read more about Turkish Delight history via this LINK on WIKIPEDIA. 

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