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Zlatna Dzezva Bosnian Coffee | Bosanska Kafa | Bosna Kahvesi |Toronto Canada


  • One of the most popular Bosnian coffees in the world
  • Imported from the premier coffee company in Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Ideally prepared in a traditional method with a Bosnia coffee pot
  • Each bag contains 500 grams of the highest quality of Bosnia coffee


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Product Description

Coffee is more than a drink, real kafa is a ritual. It is served in a fildzan- a small handle-less traditional coffee cup. For the coffee of your dreams, come to Bosnia or Herzegovina to taste this bewitching heavenly drink referred to as ‘Bosnian coffee’.

Good Bosnian coffee has its own tradition and method of preparation. To yield the proper results, whole coffee beans are bought raw and freshly roasted in a wood burning stove. It’s not a general practice to store ground coffee either. One grinds them just before brewing and only in the amount needed for that particular serving. In some places old traditions are still respected.Coffee grounds are roasted in a shish , a simple metal cylinder at the end of a long skewer. Unfortunately this practice is almost extinct. This theory is not scientifically proven but is widely believed.

Coffee is brewed in a ‘dzezva’ which is first warmed slightly.The ‘just not yet boiled water’ is removed from the heat just before the boiling point. A ‘fildzan’ of this hot water is set aside and the rest poured into the ground coffee bean filled dzezva. It is stirred and placed back onto the stove top. The coffee should boil until a rich layer of foam reaches the very top of the dzezva. Removing it from the heat, pour the water from the fildzan over it and set aside for a moment until grinds settle at the bottom.It is then served in a fildzan. Traditional coffee drinking entails sucking coffee through a sugar cube. Not a whole one but a chunk of the cube that is first dipped in the coffee to soften it upbefore sinkingyour teeth into the new brown and melting cube. Nowadays this ritual is mostlypracticed at home.There are however, a few kafanas around town clinging to this noble art. Old habits die hard in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Enjoy it !

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