Famous Turkish Teapot | Caydanlik 1set


At Turkish Bazaar, we are proud to offer you an 18/10 stainless steel and dishwasher safe teapot so you can use it with confidence and ease. It comes with a built-in filter in the upper pot. It is made of rust-proof German stainless steel. Enjoy your teapot for many years to come.

Product Details:

  • Made of rust-proof German stainless steel
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Elegant metal handles
  • Energy-saving system
  • Brand: FMS
  • Size: Medium
  • Top: 1L
  • Bottom: 1.75L
  • Composition:
    • 18 Chromium / 10 Nickle
    • Helps protect the iron from oxidation (rust)
    • Additional nickel  = Shinier surface
  • Grade: High quality – type 304 with at least 50% iron
  • Total Pieces: 4 pieces.  2 pots and 2 lids.
  • Filter: The top pot has an inner filter
  • Extra capsule bottom
  • Safe to use: Ceramic, electric, gas, halogen ovens
  • Size Top: 10x9cm approximately 
  • Size Bottom: 12x12cm approximately 
  • Total Weight:  1.088kg (with no lids)
  • Product Origin: Made in Turkey

What is Caydanlik?

A çaydanlık is a double tea kettle designed to make Turkish tea (cay). The way we make the tea is with Caydanlik – double kettle teapots. Smaller pot for the loose tea and a large pot to boil the water. Please see the Youtube video below on how to make Turkish tea. Enjoy it! 🙂










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turkish teapot caydanlik
Famous Turkish Teapot | Caydanlik 1set


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