Greek Coffee Maker | Türk Kahve Makinesi | 1 unit


Greek coffee maker FASTER, TASTIER, SMARTER!

Sorry we cannot ship this product to USA, because we are national distributors and bound with territorial definition agreements

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We are pleased to introduce this elegant one-button Beko Turkish Coffee Maker / Greek Coffee Maker for the first time in Canada, designed for use in North America with 110V.

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****Important Tip for Our Customers: This Turkish Coffee Maker is specifically designed for Canada and United States to work with 110V-120V . Most other websites sell 240V model, which needs a transformer to work in Canada. Please be careful if you are purchasing this product from other websites. Hope this helps to all of our customers…

  • Elegant new design and new look
  • Audible and illuminated warning showing the boiling status
  • With anti-spill technology, no more waiting, stirring or spilling
  • Cooksense 2 – Technology that allows cooking coffee at the best consistency
  • 120V North America compatible
  • Ready in a few minutes with lots of FOAM reflecting the traditional taste
  • Options to make 1 to 2 cups of coffee
  • Illuminated boiling dish
  • Measuring spoon enabling the right amount of coffee to be used
  • Easy coffee cooking with single button
  • Occupies little space with its compact design

WARRANTY PERIOD: Warranty period in Turkey is for 2 years. Unfortunately, we can not offer this in Canada because, we do not have a service department. However, to give you a piece of mind that your product will be in a good working condition, we provide a 30 day warranty period from the time you receive your equipment. Please contact with us as soon as possible if you experience an issue with the machine.

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greek coffee maker
Greek Coffee Maker | Türk Kahve Makinesi | 1 unit