How to Make Turkish Evil Eye

How to make evil eye canada toronto united states
Evil Eye is an ancient symbol all over the Turkey and it is believed that it defies evil forces. It started 3000 B.C in Mesopotamia. It is known to many cultures and has many different names such as : “evil eye”(English) , “nazar boncugu”(Turkish), “göz dəyməsi” (Azerbaijani), “malocchio” (Italian), “złe oko” or “złe spojrzenie” (Polish), “mau olhado” (Portuguese), “cheshmeh hasood” or “cheshme nazar” (Persian), “ayn al-ḥasūd عين الحسود‎” (Arabic) and many more. Here is a short video from Don Wildman about Turkish Evil Eye. He explains what evil eye means and how to make one. Special thanks to Don Wildman for this colourful video! Enjoy it! 🙂 More info at Wikipedia Tags: Turkish Evil Eye Canada United States, Nazar Boncugu Canada United States, Turkish Evil Eye Toronto, Turkish Evil Eye Ottawa Montreal, Evil Eye Sale

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