Koska Turkish Halva Plain | Sade Helva | 500g (Large)


Experience Halva, the delicious eastern Mediterranean treat enjoyed by so many for generations.

  • Product Weight: 500g
  • Product Type:  Plain tahini halva (sade)
  • Product Details:
    • This product is a source of dietary fibre.
    • Halal and Kosher
    • No glucose or fructose syrup added
    • No animal fats in the product. The emulsifier used in the product is vegetable origin.
  • Product Origin: Turkey
  • Allergy Advice: May also contain hazelnut, sesame paste, pistachio, walnut, and almond. Please make sure to read the ingredients before eating.
  • Storage: Keep it in a cool and dry place. Protect it from sunlight.

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Koska Turkish Halva Helva
Koska Turkish Halva Plain | Sade Helva | 500g (Large)


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