VIDEO: 6 Powerful Benefits of Pumpkin Seeds

6 Benefits of Pumpkin Seeds Dr. Oz

Benefits of Pumpkin Seeds – Immunity Booster

With its delicious taste, Turkish Pumpkin seeds can be addictive but they do have many health benefits. Dr. Oz also explains some of the benefits in the below videos. 

In summary, some of the benefits includes:

    1. Zinc: Immune booster and healthier skin.Reduces blemishes. 
    2. High magnesium: Keeps our blood pressure on a check. They are good for your heart and liver.
    3. Tryptophan: Better sleep and restful nights.
    4. Pumpkin seed oil: Provides a natural fight against inflammation on our bodies.
    5. High in antioxidants: Contains vitamin E and antioxidants such as carotenoids
    6. Rich in fiber: High source of dietary fiber which is great for good digestive health

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