Best Halloumi Cheese | Turkish cheese | 250g


Halloumi cheese, Turkish hellim cheese. Traditionally prepared. Perfect to grill. 🙂 

  • Product details:
    • Traditional 45% fat in brine 250g
    • Halal ingredients.
  • Product storage: Keep it in a cool and dry place. Protect it from sunlight.
  • Product Net Weight: 250g

***** ATTENTION: This is a dairy product and is shipped only during the winter months to the GTA area. You are buying at your own risk. Turkish Bazaar recommends choosing 1-day Express shipment methods if you have this item in your shopping cart. We cannot be responsible if any issues with the product during shipment. 

If you are outside of GTA, you can still order this item but please ensure the product is not spoiled before consuming it. Free Shipping option is not eligible for 1-day shipment option except in Ontario. Even in Ontario, you may see a longer duration. Please purchase this item at your own risk.****

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halloumi cheese
Best Halloumi Cheese | Turkish cheese | 250g


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