Handmade Turkish Coffee Copper Pots

It’s called Turkish Coffee Pot, Ibrik, Cezve, or Ibriq in different cultures. It is designed to make a perfect cup of Turkish Coffee and has been a unique piece from Coffee History.

According to historians, Turkish Coffee Pot ( also known as Cezve in Turkish) has been used since the late 15th century. Ottoman Chroniclers believe, usage of Turkish Coffee Pot in households has started around the years 1554-1555 after the opening of coffee houses in Istanbul, Turkey

What is a Turkish Coffee Pot ?

As seen in the picture above, Turkish Coffee Pot is a specifically designed coffee pot to make Turkish Coffee. It is built with a handle (wooden, plastic, or metal) to prevent the hand of the coffee maker from burning.

These cezves also have a uniquely designed brim section which makes the pouring of coffee in a Turkish Coffee Pot easy without spilling it on the Turkish Coffee Saucer.

In general, you have 3 options; Stainless Steel Turkish Coffee pots, Copper tin lined Turkish Coffee pots and brass tin lined pots.

In the past, both copper and brass tin lined Turkish Coffee Pots were very popular. Many Turkish Coffee addicts and fans still prefer the old style copper coffee pots and believe these make better tasting Turkish Coffee.

You can get order your Turkish Coffee pots or Turkish coffee from: http://www.turkishbazaar.ca/beverage/turkish-coffee//a>

Enjoy another great video by Emir Ali Enc owner of the Grand Bazaar’s Soy Copper Pots:

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